Salcura are very confident that Salcura products will make a real difference. This is why all Salcura products com with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with the product you have used then you will receive a refund in full – it really is as simple as that!

In order to claim your money back then please  email us at ( stating which product you would like your money back on and that you will be returning the item to us. Upon receipt of the items together with proof of purchase we will then refund your original transaction amount less the postage within 10-15 working days from that date.

Eczema can be controled and manged in several ways. Use products that are made by using pure and gentle ingredients as well those containing ingredients that will deal with the symptoms associated with eczema.

To avoid unneccesary further aggravation to the skin, or even long term damage through the use of chemical products, a natural product is often a suitable alternative.

Salcura Dermaspray  INTENSIVE Skin Nourishment Spray is both innovative and unique. Developed specifically for people 12 months old to adult with Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Urticaria and Dry, Itchy Skin. It combines an effective steroid and chemical free, nutrient rich formulation with a hassle free spray on application. 

Providing rapid itch relief, the fine liquid sinks deep into the skin to nourish skin cells earlier on in their life cycle - making them healthier when then are at the surface and so far less likely to display symptoms such as redness, dryness and itchiness. 

A spray application can also be far more practical and economical than a cream. It can easily be used in the hair-line/scalp and doesn't need to be rubbed if so desired. Atomising the liquid through a spray head means little wastage, minimal liquid use and an even coverage over the skin.

Everyone's skin is unique and as such your skin will have it's own needs when it comes with dealing with symptoms. Thanks to the product being 100% free from chemicals, the product has no usage restrictions so can be used as much as needed. 

As a rough guide, we recommend spraying liberally onto the skin at least 3 times a day. As the inflammation subsides then reduce the application frequency to a point where healthy skin is being maintained by spraying every other day or so. 

Salcura Antiac Acne Cleaning Spray as seen on Channel 4

Acne, spots, acne scars, blackheads and pimples generally occur when the sebaceous glands, which lubricate the hair and skin, become blocked with too much oil (sebum), dead skin cells and even bacteria. 
Salcura Antiac has been specially developed to help the skin to reduce and eliminate these impurities and by aiding oxygenating and nourishment of the skin. The natural therapy ingredients have been chosen for their highly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and are blended to achieve these qualities, promote circulation, and to soothe, cool and calm overreacting and inflamed skin.

Main Benefits: 

• Eliminates impurities such as spots, pimples, blackheads and white heads. 
• Helps to protect skin cells and remove toxicity. 
• Promotes a clear spot free complexion. 
• Helps to balances the skin pH. 
• Aids the acne scar self healing process. 
• Acts as an anti-microbial agent.